I'm an 18-year-old photographer based in Switzerland. I started taking photos by the age of 12 and I began shooting landscapes and architecture... The years went by and started to focus on fashion, sneakers and portraits. By now I would say photography is a way to express my way of art and I can be myself.

In 2016 I started to make presets for Lightroom for different scenarios... By now I have a lot of presets which I started to show to my friends and they were so amazed, that I started to sell them.


Taking pictures and expressing myself through abstract art is my way to be creative and do what I love.

Good Vibes

My main goal is to spread good vibes. Everyone who sees my pictures should have nice feelings.


I'm trying to get a good mix out of fashion, sneakers, landscapes and portraits, so it's not the usual boring photo page.


I love to travel the world and get to know new places. With my camera I can capture the best moments and make memories to cherish for a lifetime.